Skylights Perth

Let natural light in to your home with a professionally installed skylight. Designed for new and existing homes, our skylights harness the external sunlight, reflecting it down through a reflective tubing into your home. Perfect for lightening up those darker areas of your home with natural light.

Available in a range of sizes both square, round and rectangular, our skylights collect the light using a reflector whilst preventing UV penetration. This reflector means that outside sunlight is amplified, so even on an overcast day light is still collected and amplified into your home. The unique nature of the reflective tubing means that the amplified light is collected from the skylight and transmitted to the internal control ceiling mount. These ceiling mounts can come in a variety of decorative styles and finishes to ensure your skylight is not only functional, but is also a beautiful addition to your home.

Shaftless Skylights Perth

An alternative to shafted skylights, shaftless skylights enable light to be generated inside your home through the use of solar panels. The lack of a shaft makes it perfect for tight areas, as well as bottom storeys on a double storey home. The same as a shafted skylight, the shaftless system collects daylight but instead of transmitting the direct light, it collects the energy from the sun which powers an LED light installed in the ceiling. This means that no heat is transmitted, whilst the skylight still only functions whilst the sun is in the sky. There is also an option to turn of the light, which makes it perfect for children’s bedrooms and theatre rooms.

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