Roof Insulation Removal

How to Remove Insulation in Your Roof

If you are wanting to know how to remove insulation in your roof or replace your old ceiling insulation with a new more efficient insulation or remove insulation that has been damaged by water or rodent infestation, prepare for a messy project. You will need to wear protective equipment and old clothing to keep the irritating fiberglass insulation fibers out of your eyes and lungs and off your skin when bagging it up.

roof insulation removal

Insulation Removal Safety First

Your homes insulation most often lies in the open spaces between the ceiling joists in the roof cavity balancing on the joists. If you are looking to know how to remove insulation in your roof there are a few itmes that you will need to consider. While removing the old insulation isn’t safe one misstep and you could poke your foot and leg through the ceiling below causing expensive damage. When walking in your roof it is wise to position plywood panels over the joists to provide secure footing. You’ll need more than one panel so you can stand on one while you position another one.


Blown-in Cellulose Insulation Removal

Cellulose fibers (recylced crushed paper) are quite airy until they get wet then they become soggy and flatten losing their insulation R value. If you are wanting to know how to remove insulation in your roof that is in this loose form then continue reading. This type of insulation is a favorite for any mice, rats and possums that may call the roof area home. You’ll need large plastic trash bags, and you’ll have to scoop up the old insulation. A large dustpan helps remove the fibers from the joist spaces. Do not breath in the dust fibres as they may contain other dust contaminants that are allergenic or irrative to the lungs.

How To Remove Batt Insulation

Old fibreglass batt insulation is definately the simplest to remove. Roll up the batts into a tight roll one at a time which you can then place in a large black plastic bag for easy tie up and disposal. When removing glasswool insulation you must wear a respirator mask and sealed protective eyewear and gloves. A good tip is to use masking tape to tape your long sleeve shirt to your gloves to prevent penetratino of fibres. Don old clothing that you can throw away after you’re done or buy an disposable one-piece paitning suit and throw it away. For more information on how to remove insulation in your roof you can view this video.

Removing Asbestos Insulation

If you suspect your insulation contains asbestos, do not remove it. Instead, contact Insulation Removal Perth about asbestos remediation in your home. Homes built before 1981 in Australia may contain asbestos insulation. Before Australian builders knew the health risks with asbestos they installed various insulation materials that contained the dangerous product. Asbestos did not burn easily, so you may find it sprayed around old ceiling ducts, pipes or stove vents.