Frequently Asked Questions

R-Value is a measurement of the thermal resistance of building materials. It provides a way to standardise the amount of thermal resistance required to insulate a structure. R-Values are calculated by the amount of time it takes for heat to travel through a material at a certain thickness.

Ceiling insulation works the same way as all types of insulation. Insulation works by trapping air particles inside of lightweight, fibrous materials. By placing this material between two areas this slows down the speed in which heat can transfer between them.

If installed incorrectly insulation can trap moisture into your roof space. This can cause problems with condensation and cause damage to your ceiling and electrical. It is extremely important that your insulation contractor has extensive experience installing Australian products in Western Australian homes.

Old insulation poses several hazards to your home and family. Hazards range from health and well-being to fire safety and structural problems. The main health hazards are caused from old manufacturing methods which utilised a complex mixture of chemicals. Primary ingredients were ground newspapers and boron compounds including boric acid and borax.

There is a high possibility that the insulation that is currently in your roof space could be harming your family. Old manufacturing processes of cellulose insulation, blow-in insulation, loose-fill insulation and Cool or Cosy included the use of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, chlorine, lead, iron compounds, sulfur compounds, cadmium, nitric oxide and methane.

The lifespan of your new insulation can vary depending on the product. These days it is common for Insulation Manufacturers to guarantee lifetime warranties. This is due to the increase in available technology and high Australian Standards.

With a small amount of maintenance and home inspections, you can greatly increase the lifespan and effectiveness of your new insulation. A few factors to consider are waterproofing, ventilation and sealing. By maintaining these 3 factors, your insulation will last longer and work more effectively.

Modern insulation technology is far superior to old cellulose and Cool or Cosy insulation from decades ago. This enables some insulation companies to guarantee a lifetime warranty on their insulation products. We use and recommend selected materials which have been tested in Western Australia’s harsh climate. We can recommend the best type of insulation for your home and provide detailed information of the life expectancy of the product.

Insulation Removal Perth may contact previous customers via courtesy calls to check up on how the new insulation is working. We ask if the home-owner has noticed a difference in health and the general response is positive. Most customers report that they feel healthier physically and emotionally straight away. The long term benefits may not be instantly apparent but they have been proven in hundreds of case studies.

Health benefits of new insulation can range from overall well-being to a longer lifespan. By replacing your old dangerous insulation with modern insulation products, you are greatly reducing the risk of contracting fatal illnesses. Improving the living environment of your home can have unexpected benefits on your overall health and well-being. Most customers report that they are much happier after upgrading their home insulation.

Hidden costs are common when it comes to building work. There are often unseen circumstances which can occur after commencing work. Fortunately Insulation Removal Perth has extensive industry experience and know the insulation trade inside and out. We know what to look out for and will inform you of any possible complications involved with the job.

To get an idea of the price to supply and install new insulation to your home, we first need to decide what the most suitable product for your home is. There are many different options to consider when selecting which insulation to install. The friendly team at Insulation Removal Perth are happy to give informed advice on any questions you may have regarding which product to use. Why not give us a call today to discuss your requirements.+61 6311 2822

The price to remove old insulation can depend upon a number of variable factors. These variable factors can include location of the property, age of building, ease of access and climate zone.
Due to these variable conditions it is hard to give an exact price without first inspecting the roof space of the property. Insulation Removal Perth can provide an estimate over-the-phone or by email when you contact us.