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Why You Should Choose Insulation Removal Perth

Why Choose Insulation Removal Perth ?

Our perth insulation removal technicians have been trained in the safe and effective methods for removing old deteriorated or soiled insulation from the roof cavity in your home in Perth Western Australia. Using our very own high-powered Perth insulation removal equipment we are able to extract all of the insulation in an roof space WITHOUT getting any of the insulation in the living space of your home. This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the roof space contaminate your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an roof space guaranteed.

Why Choose Insulation Removal Perth

We have no need to drag old insulation through the living space of a house and it is NOT a safe method of removing insulation. Using this method will make your house full of airborne fiberglass particles and any other contaminants that were in your roof space.

Why choose insulation removal perth ?

We often see roof spaces that are covered with animal feces from possums, rats and mice infestations. In these cases the droppings and urine deposits often create strong odours and can be hazardous to your health. Sometimes it’s a home improvement project that warrants removing and replacing the insulation in an roof space other times it is problems with old dusty roof space insulation trickling out of cracks and holes around light fixtures, electrical wiring and roof spaces. Other resons to why choose insulation removal perth? Often concerns of fire hazzards leave home owners wanting to remove old insulation products from their home.

Over 20 different types of disease are associated with rats and their droppings. They include Rat-bite fever (Streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria), which is transferred from rats to humans by the bite of a rat. Rickettsia virus can create a condition similar to chicken pox. The droppings of rats can cause Leptospirosis or Salmonellosis. They breed very quickly, and one mating pair can have about 60 young per year, and all the young are sexually mature within three months, so infestation problems can sometimes get out of hand. You want to get rid of rats in the roof space as soon as possible.

Below are just a few reasons to why choose insulation removal perth and have your roof space insulation removed from an old roof space by Perth Insulation Removal:

Over Insulated (to much insulation)
Damaged/Contaminated Insulation (animal & reptile feces & infestation)
Upgrading Insulation (newer insulation is flame retardant)
Allergies & Dust (Our insulation is hypo-allergenic & baby safe)

Perth Insulation Removal Contractor

Once we have removed the contaminated insulation from your roof space we are able to inspect the roof space for chewed wires, additional droppings and feces, entry and exit points created from the animal infestation, and check all truss and wood structures to make sure they are intact.

An roof space that is full of old, dusty, contaminated insulation is not only a potential health hazard to you and your family but it is also an unusable hazardous area of your home. Who would want to store their belongings near filthy insulation full of dust-mites, animal droppings, and possibly numerous contagious diseases? Kozy Services can reclaim your roof space and turn it into useable space with our insulation removal and roof space restoration services.
Why not just install more roof space insulation over the old insulation in my roof space?

Perth Insulation Removal will not install brand new insulation directly over the top of old filthy insulation that is contaminated with year’s worth of dust and animal droppings as you are creating a disease pool in your roof space. This can negatively effect the energy conservation and air quality of your home. This can also create moisture problems and generate staining in drywall ceilings. Do you really want this situation in your home? Another great reason to Why Choose Insulation Removal Perth. Also many roof spaces that are 15 years and older are not properly sealed, causing dust and insects to have a perfect pathway into your home through wall cavities. Once the roof space insulation has been removed, we can properly seal your roof space, remove debris and contaminants, and then install the proper amount of safe insulation.

Guaranteed Energy Savings So Why Choose Insulation Removal Perth ?

The roof space insulation of today is far superior to the roof space insulation that was used only 10-15 years ago. When Insulation Removal Perth removes the old insulation in your roof space an replaces it with the proper amount of modern insulation you WILL see a noticeable reduction in your heating and cooling costs. Another great reason to why choose insulation removal perth.

Call us today for a free estimate for our roof space insulation removal services, We are your Perth Insulation Removal contractor.

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